10 Tips for Social Media Integration

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10 Tips for Social Media Integration


Increase your marketing ROI by integrating social media into your website.

Here’s how.

The homepage remains the focal point of online activity for most companies, so integrating social media activity with your firm’s website is a good way of providing a richer experience for visitors and can help pave the way for long-term, two-way relationships. Below are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Provide prominent links – clearly advertise social network accounts on every page to encourage visitors to sign-up.
  2. Explain what customers will be getting if they join your social network – for example, something like: “for regular service updates, follow us on Twitter”.
  3. Keep social network links at the top of your webpage …or at least further up the page so they don’t get missed. By your telephone number is a good place; after all, it’s just another way to get in touch.
  4. Use social network logos rather than text links – they are instantly recognisable and take up less space.
  5. Add your blog to your site navigation bar. If you have a navigation bar on your website, add your blog as one of the tabs.
  6. Put your latest blog post on your homepage. Encourage visitors to visit your blog by pulling in your latest post on the homepage or even interspersing them through the site.
  7. Feed in your latest tweet or status update on your homepage – this gives your website a real-time and dynamic appearance while demonstrating that you regularly update content and that it’s worth visiting again.
  8. Include links to your social media profiles on your contact page. If you are advertising your phone number and email, why not your Twitter or Facebook details too?
  9. Add staff social media profiles – do you have a ‘staff’ page on your website? Add social media profiles alongside telephone numbers or email addresses.
  10. Consider adding Facebook ‘like’ links or ‘tweet this’ links. Adding these on webpages can help encourage visitors to share content with like-minded peers on social networks.