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we sell hosting to suit your individual needs

ServerWeb Hosting  can be neglected in the process of delivering a web experience to your customer, but buying the right package from the right provider is vital to making your site is always available and can serve customers quickly and maximise their user experience.

There are a number of key issues that need to be addressed determined by your individual needs from simple brochure sites to heavy e-commerce or membership installations.

There are a mind-numbing number of hosting providers but we have worked with a couple of really reliable suppliers for some years and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Hosting Service

Not all web hosting services are created equally.

Some large companies seem to dominate but don’t always deliver great customer service.  Smaller hosting providers may lack adequate backup procedures or guaranteed up-time.  Do you need UK servers for Data Protection issues or are you happier with a distributed offering that spreads loads across territories?

We offer hosting from a number of different providers according to your site’s requirements.


Hosting speed is only one of the factors that needs to be considered.  Burst speed for delivery of heavy content and continuous speed for downloads etc.


If you think of data as water flowing through a pipe, speed relates to the pressure of the water and bandwidth to the width of the pipe.

So increasing either speed or bandwidth increases the amount of data being delivered in a given time – but bandwidth also has a bigger impact on concurrent usage (the numbers of people viewing data at the same time).

So bandwidth is important and a vital factor for high-activity sites, e-Commerce sites or anyone delivering images, documents or video.

We will take you through the options and guide you to the most appropriate solution meeting your needs and budget.

SSL certificates and Private Server options for those whose payment gateway providers demand this, Virtual private Servers for less critical installations with a flexibility that allows easy upgrades and downgrades according to data usage.