New Website

New Website

We’ve finally got around to updating our own website – hope you like it.

In the past 12-months we have been busy developing some sites with local businesses and some from further away.

We are happy to work anywhere as long as we can get to you for a meeting or two as it is vital that we see your business and fully understand your objectives and plans so we can deliver a solution that fits not just your business today biut is also ready to move with you into the future.

Here’s why.

We did a site recently where the business had 8-months previously spent over £2,000 on a shiny new website. It was clear that the majority of the fee had gone into beautifully hand-crafted graphics on all the pages.  I would suggest that the designer responsible probably lost money on this one – the graphical element was so high and this is very time consuming work.

They came to us on a recommendation because the site, although beautifully crafted, wasn’t easy (or economical) to develop to provide some of the functions that the business now wanted.

To be fair they had never suggested that these functions should have been in the original site – but the web designers lack of business experience and keenness to produce something ‘portfolio enhancing’ meant that they never even asked the right questions of the client as to where the business was likely to head.  As a result the money spent was wasted and an unhappy client came our way.

Thankfully our approach was gratefully accepted by the client and we were able to produce a new site for less than the original cost with more functionality and  with greater control for the client over content and future direction.