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Sales Focused Web Design from Spartina

Success Key ConceptSearch for ‘Web Designers’ or ‘Web Developers’ and you will get a huge number of web search results – how on earth do you tell them apart?

Well our unique take is that we are sales people and business managers with over 30 years accumulated experience in the corporate world.

Designing and developing websites for clients allows us to indulge our sales and sales management knowledge to your benefit.

Both Lisa and I have had successful careers with some of the most active sales and marketing businesses and can bring this knowledge and experience to help your business through the web design process.

We believe it is vital that that any web designer or marketer understands your business, its goals and ambitions and the extent of your resources before creating anything.

Marketers love digital technology as for the very first time they appear to be able to measure success through the medium of clicks, follows and likes. But just getting digital approvals doesn’t necessarily translate into sales as many large businesses have found.

We use our experience to ask the you the tough questions and use your answers to help develop strategy.

Only by really drilling down and getting from you a blueprint of what you think success looks like can we then start to advise you on where best to commit resources and budget.  This thinking impacts on everything from domain name choice, keyword selection, website function and hosting plans.

We believe that this puts us in a unique position compared to other web designers – we can help you avoid costly mistakes and focus you on what is likely to be most successful.

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