website development

developing the right solution, delivering the right result

Web Design for Business Success

There is little point in having a web presence unless this is optimised for results as you define them.  In other words a planned outcome.

Our approach is all about the outcome.

Rather than 100% focus on the aesthetic, we know that function, format and navigation all contribute much more to the user experience and ultimately to sales.

We never lose sight of the fact that a good website is not about how we feel, it isn’t about how you feel;  it is 100% about how your prospects and customers feel. 

So slow-loading image laden pages, ponderous navigation, broken links and confusing structure all serve to create user frustration and page abandonment.

Content and its management are key to providing site visitors with interesting, current content that search engines reward with high relevancy and authority factors making for higher search result page placement and profile.

We promote the use of Content Management System derived web sites for smaller businesses that haven’t the resources to put a team of people onto content management duties.  Our reasoning is shown in more detail here.

Although social media has captured the hearts and minds of consumers and businesses alike, there remains very little sales activity within social media platforms and most successful advocates drive social interest to their websites to reinforce messaging and close sales.

But the expectation of website visitors is developing.

  • Patience with slow-loading sites is thinner.
  • Sites that are not relevant to the user’s search terms are quickly abandoned.
  • Poor site navigation that confuses or obfuscates results in fast site withdrawal and competitor advantage.

So there is lots to get right and our philosophy is all about listening to your needs and developing an appropriate solution that is within budget and that can deliver  the right outcome and encourage customer approval through social sharing, bookmarking and high levels of return visits.

Who searches on the web?
Everybody. Over 85% of all product or service enquiries start with a web search.

Typically Google, Bing or one of the other search engines will be used to find a business or organisation that can fulfill the customers need.
Indeed the fastest growing demographic is the 60-85 year olds who were late adopters of web technology but now have money to spend and are becoming expert users.

Is search behaviour changing?

Over 50% of all searches are now launched from a mobile device – phone or pad

These numbers are growing every year and it is expected that by the end of 2014 mobile searches will be in a significant majority as smart phone usage continues to dominate. 

Although the rise in Social Media has been impressive, most consumers and businesses still more often rely on a website for information than from other sources.  Social Media peer review is important for some products but a website can anchor your sales.

Social Media
Social Media is playing its part in product and service searches and increasingly with customer support – a demonstration of commitment to service.

Facebook ‘likes’ and newer platforms such as Pinterest have created their own marketing buzz with businesses who have become fully immersed in these platform seeing huge benefits in customer interest and sales.

More than anything it is encouraging regular customer connection and automatically updating content and resources along the way – though good for SEO, good for web authority and great for sales, most e-commerce occurs on the website and not within social platforms.